Your SMART DVR Surveillance Systems (with System Health Monitoring) takes reassurance to some totally new level. This Technology was born from our passion to go far beyond just good customer support.
We remarked that the only method to take excellent care of our clients would be to create & build SMART ITALCHAMBER-EGYPT technology into every one of our surveillance systems.
SMART is short for System Monitoring Alert Response Technology.
Will self-diagnose the surveillance system and send periodic status reports to you.
Will request service from us when the DVR, NVR, AVR or cameras require service, and notify you as well.
Will perform automatic back-ups to avoid the loss of vital video data because of hard disk failure, theft, fire, flood or natural disaster.
Has unlimited recording capability, that is available for life.
In contrast, standard CCTVs have none of those features and may only record for a limited period of time before your valuable information is lost forever.
Our clients feel that SMART ITALCHAMBER-EGYPT Technologies are a necessity in today’s world.
Ask any property management firm who’d to pay out thousands of dollars because of a false liability claim that they couldn’t fight against because their security data was over written.
The problem is that a lawyer will inform their client to wait Six months or more there is no footage from the incident. Lawyers know that the normal recorder only has enough storage for 30 – 4 months.
Since in NY State, you are able to file a liability claim for approximately 1. 5 years following the incident, you can see how unsuspecting property management firms could possibly get blindsided.
Providing professional customer support to our clients is certainly not short of an obsession. We simply recognize a chance to serve understanding that we stand alone within this vital area of our industry. Our Customer Service Philosophy we see servicing our clients who invested with us being an obligation not to be taken lightly. Our surveillance systems must be completely operational all the time. It was the driving mission that led us to create S.M.A.R.T DVR Health Monitoring. This technology creates the ability for you and our tech support team department to be informed immediately should a camera or recorder malfunction unconditionally including loss of power or internet, or if it device had been misused to surf the net.