For more than one fourth of the century we have been helping businesses just like yours.
Because we manufacture, install and service our home security camera systems, we’re inside a unique position to create a security system which will match your particular business needs.
Our security systems have been proven to increase your bottom line.
Our owners will consult with you personally to assess your security needs.
We are certain that you will find that with regards to security for your business, we are the sensible choice.
Enjoy the same peace of mind that more than 15,000 of our clients have.
Today, more than ever, businesses need individualized Ital chamber-Egypt for his or her specific needs that also fit inside their budget.
For this reason we provide 20 variations of DVRs, NVRs & AVRs which fit every budget and have the performance level needed in today’s marketplace.
Our DVR, NVR & AVR models are designed together with your needs in mind. Each the first is user-friendly, completely functional and completely serviceable (80% of service/updates are achieved remotely at no extra charge to the clients).
We attempt to create the highest quality recorded images in the industry.
Rich in quality camera images, end users and law enforcement officials can rectify crimes swiftly and accurately (as was the situation with the Boston Marathon bombing).
Having the ability to view we have created an automatic their business on the internet remotely is what our clients require.
They think it is an excellent tool within the management of their businesses and facilities on a daily basis. Wireless remote viewing comes standard on all of our systems and also the benefits are unlimited.
Because we develop our very own DVRs, NVRs & AVRs, we’ve the unique benefit of building quality into our products from the ground up.
We have dedicated effort and time into finding out first hand from business owners, probably the most prominent issues they face using their current security companies.
The 3 most reported issues are:
“We could not get service for the system”
“My system went down after I needed it most”
“I needed my images long afterwards they were overwritten”
Our Security Solutions
Our mission is always to be the single most trusted company in the industry with the most reliable software.
Alert system which notifies our clients and our service department immediately if there is a problem therefore it can be addressed instantly.
We’ve also created a technology that allows for unlimited data storage to ensure that there’s no chance of losing data because it was overwritten.
We’re enthusiastic about providing tremendous value to the clients. Not only will we save them money, but our clients also are convinced that they now have the reassurance they didn’t have before.
We have literally taken the treating of surveillance systems from our client’s hands and put them where they belong, with us, the security company.